Productivity at its Finest!

The title of this post explains it all. We’ve had a very productive week and weekend! After completely demolishing our kitchen, we began putting it back together again immediately. While Justin was at work, I painted our two accent walls. Our entire kitchen was floor to ceiling wood paneling. We decided to keep the two walls not covered in cabinets and appliances as is and paint them Benjamin Moore’s Owl Gray. The trim in our kitchen was painted Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. We love the color and I was glad I took the risk of painting the only wainscoting in our house a color other than Antique White!




While wrapping up this paint job, we began installing our new hardwood floors in the hallway and dining room. Installing them was rather easy and gave us such a sense of accomplishment!





This weekend my in-laws came up for a weekend of birthday celebrations! While here, my father-in-law helped Justin install a new kitchen window, a new, windowless door leading to the garage and drywall. It was a lot of work, but they surprised me again with how quick and easy they made it seem!


20140728_194040 20140803_113908



20140810_183648 20140810_184000

Now we don’t have to look at the inside of our garage while eating dinner! 😉

Having walls is really starting to make this feel like a room!


This afternoon Justin and I finished installing the hardwood floors in our kitchen and mudroom area. The room feels bright and airy, making us excited for what’s to come this week!

20140810_183458 20140810_183523 20140810_183601

Baylee, too, loves the new floors! 



So, what’s on the agenda this week? Cabinets, some more painting and on Friday our new appliances are being delivered!! It will be another busy, productive and very exciting week brining us one step closer to a new kitchen!



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