No Turning Back Now!

Originally I wrote that Justin and I were going to start the kitchen renovation slowly, completing projects that would still allow us to have a functioning kitchen. Tonight I’m writing to tell you that our entire kitchen is gutted to the studs. As organized as we like to be, there are tools, furniture and stuff everywhere! Although that might normally drive me insane, I’m loving every second of it!

I’m going to go ahead and say that Phase One is complete. We did not get as much done as we would have liked but ready or not, Phase Two is well under way! Justin and I took down a wall going from our garage to our kitchen and completely gutted it this weekend.




We also took floor up in the dining room and hallway so we could replace it with new hardwood floors. Below is our kitchen as it looks tonight…

20140803_113836  20140803_113908


Justin and I began installing the hardwood floors tonight, which was a first for us both. Our good friends let us borrow their floor nailer and saw so we could complete this project. Although we were a little clueless to start, we quickly got the hang of it! Aside from sore knees, it’s actually very fun! We finally got in a rhythm and will hopefully finish the rest this week. The best part? We can finally say goodbye to that terrible hallway carpet…

20140804_195738  20140804_195757

This weekend Justin’s dad will help us install a new kitchen window and door to the garage. Maybe we’ll even get a few cabinets done if we’re lucky! 😉



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