Drumroll Please…

So what are we up to now, you ask?! The biggest and final (also the most inconvenient) renovation inside our home… Our KITCHEN!



image  image

We are so incredibly excited about this renovation, and also a little terrified. To alleviate as much stress as possible, we have carefully planned for this renovation over the last few months. I say that, yet I feel like we are completely flying by the seat of our pants!

Since I am fortunate enough to have a pretty flexible schedule during the summer, we hope that by tackling this project now, I will have more time to keep our house afloat. I can also take on those projects my loving husband just can’t stand, like sanding and painting. 🙂

We have decided to make this as simple as possible, which isn’t very, but we can try! To start, we have decided to do all and any work that can be completed without taking out our cabinets and appliances. Hopefully this will save us some time when it comes to getting our kitchen up and running again. We call this, Phase One.

Phase One includes demoing our pantry, widening a doorway, taking another wall down, and sanding, cleaning and painting the walls that will be staying as is. This also includes a tiny bit of wallpaper removal… Gah!

So far we have demoed our pantry and extended a doorway by 16 inches! Below are the before and afters of our pantry demo. The pictures are taken as your walk into our house from the garage. Instead of the pantry, we are hoping to add a little corner bench with some hooks to make a small mudroom!

image image


The space is so much more open as you walk in. Check out the doorway we extended going into our dining room. The befores are taken from our dining room and kitchen.

image  image


16 more inches of open space!

image  image

image  image

Although it may not look like a lot from the pictures, it feels so open and so much bigger! You may notice the Ikea sideboard table along the left wall. Last week we removed our really pretty, coral, floating countertop… 😉

image  image

Speaking of Ikea, after lots of research on “Ikea kitchens,” I did not read a single bad review. We were pleasantly surprised and decided this was the best place to purchase our cabinets from. A hundred boxes later, we can start piecing together cabinets!


Baby steps is key to keeping this project organized and as stress free as possible. That being said, shortly we will take the other wall down. Not to worry, I won’t be able to stay away from posting about this!



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