Ahead of Schedule!

Another weekend, another project! And one that was unexpected at that. 🙂

In my last post I told you that in either February or March, Justin and I would be installing a pellet stove. Justin went to order the stove last Monday, and surprise, surprise, it was ready on Friday to pick-up! We were thinking realistically it would take between 4-6 weeks for it to arrive, so we were both surprised and excited to find it’d be here much sooner.

Justin has been talking about pellet stoves since we moved in, so although I too was excited, this project was really his baby. After discovering we’d have the pellet stove Friday, he coordinated with my dad and uncle John to come over today to help install. Although it took a little longer than expected, it is up, running, and providing a nice and toasty living room as I type. 🙂

What our fireplace looked like before:

image   image

And the “during” photo Justin requested I take…



My job during this project was merely to play photographer. Three men installing a pellet stove, I wasn’t going to get involved. So instead, I did some organizing, a few errands and school work. Ah, Sundays. 🙂

image   image

Although we hear nothing but positive things from those who have pellet stoves, we decided to install one for a much bigger reason. Some may remember from previous posts, but if not, the one downside to our humble abode is that we have electric heat. Although it isn’t proving to be as expensive as many people might think, we are hoping to save on our electric bill each month with this little investment of ours. Not to mention, although an oxymoron, electric heat is a colder heat where this will provide a much warmer heat for us to enjoy! Know what I’m sayin’?

Almost there…



Complete! I love the kind of projects that are started and finished in a day!

image   image

We could not be more thankful to my uncle John and dad for coming over today to help! Without their expertise, this would not have been possible. Once again, we are left feeling extremely blessed for the love and support our families give to us!

Hopefully I will post another “ahead of schedule” project soon? A girl can dream…


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