One Year Later!

One year ago today, Justin and I signed our lives away and got the keys to our first home. We celebrated by driving straight there and tearing down every piece of wallpaper we were able. This lead to whole lot of projects we weren’t expecting to take on our first week as homeowners, but we did and are now reaping the rewards of freshly painted walls…

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by! We “celebrated” today by tackling a DIY project and decorating our Christmas tree. We took time to reminisce about the past year and agreed that although it was worth it, the amount of work we took on was a ton, and we are thankful for the small projects we are currently working on.

After an entire year, we finally made window treatments for the family room today! I had gone back and forth many times with what I wanted to do. So much so that I bought a few different curtains, asked Justin to hang them, only to turn around a week later and change my mind. A few weeks ago, I saw window treatments in my cousin’s home that I loved, only to find that my uncle made them!

This Thanksgiving I mentioned to my uncle how much I liked them and today, he came over and worked with Justin to make me some of my own. I am a very lucky girl to have such handy men in my life!

image   image

Here are some photos before the fabric was stapled on…

image image

My wonderful husband went to the fabric store with me and we chose burlap to wrap the wooden frames with. I’ve managed to do some research on curtains in the past year, with being so decisive and all, and really grew to love the look of burlap!



Finished product!



I love them! They were cheap, easy, and really give this room what it needs! When we finished with these, we did a little decorating before settling in for the night. 🙂



Happy holidays!


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