“Don’t think of me as someone trimming the shrubs, but a sculptor.”

Did you know I married “Picasso?” Me neither, that is until we began trimming the shrubs. The fact that Justin can make me laugh while doing yard work is a very good thing, and one of the many reasons I married him!

We had a very fun, productive, sun-filled day today out in the yard. Oddly enough, I couldn’t wait for this week to be over so I could do just that… yard work. Isn’t it odd how your interests change when becoming a homeowner? I’m only hoping I’ll continue to like yard work year after year…

Anyway, Justin and I continued as we had before today with weeding, edging the beds, and trimming, eh hem, sculpting, the many overgrown shrubs in our yard. (Tip: if you’re ever looking for a new home and they advertise “mature landscaping,” think twice before deciding that’s a good thing…). It actually wasn’t THAT bad, and we were able to really clean up the front of our house. It looks a million times better, and the best thing was, it only cost us a mere $6!

Something new we discovered, and never would have had the reason to before owning a home, was that our local transfer station has free mulch. By mulch I mean wood chips that really are not as good looking as the mulch you might buy, but it was free, so clearly a no brainer. Getting mulch was also an excuse to bring Baylee along, which she absolutely loved.


We are done with the front yard, for now, and plan to clean out the side and back yards soon. Although that too will be a lot of work, I really CAN’T WAIT for our next outdoor project: adding a walkway from our front door to our driveway. If you didn’t notice, there isn’t one! I’ve been saying since the day we moved in that I am especially excited for this project. Until then, here are some more yard pictures.

FREE mulch!

image  image


image  image

And After!

image  image

image  image  image

This beautiful tree in our yard had numerous weeds and tulips growing around it and in the yard. Unfortunately, the tulips could not be saved, so everything had to go. This is more what we had in mind…

From yuck…

image  image

To nice!

image  image

Our mailbox, too, needed a little something, along with the light post to the side of our yard, which the previous owners landscaped around. We received a $25 gift card to a local garden center, simply for moving to the neighborhood, and we were able to buy some petunias to put around our mailbox.

image  image


Although this has nothing to do with yard work, I also wanted to add some updated pictures of our living, dining and office spaces. We are living in them, finally, and they look great! With the downstairs well underway, I’m anxious to begin work on our downstairs bathroom and kitchen this fall and winter. I know… little crazy!

image  image  image


Lastly, for those of you wondering, today wiped Baylee out too…



2 thoughts on ““Don’t think of me as someone trimming the shrubs, but a sculptor.”

  1. WOW!!!!! What a transformation! I’m so impressed with your hedge trimming skills!!
    Way to help out sweet Baylee!

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