Mother’s Day Gardening

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there! I hope you had a nice and relaxing day. 🙂

After spending some time with my own mumma this morning, Justin and I decided to take advantage of the change in weather this afternoon and do a little gardening. We have a small garden on each side of our front stoop. Both sides are very over grown and in need of some pruning and TLC.





Although we have many great, mature shrubs and plants, they have taken over this portion of our yard! Unfortunately, we did not get to this side of our stoop today, but we did get to the other side, which looked very similar before!





We were able to edge around the garden, rake out all of the leaves, pull out many weeds, and give the shrubs a much needed “haircut.” This was my first time using a hedge trimmer and I have to say, it was pretty exciting. 😉

Before & After:

image   image

Not too shabby! We hope to get some work done on the opposite side next weekend, and spread some mulch down to really make it look nice. We hope to do something with this lovely landscaping in the middle of our yard while we’re at it…

image  image


On another note, Justin and I are finally ready to start decorating and hanging some of our pictures. This has really made our house feel like a home. Justin always jokes that people are going to enter our home and not know who lives here given the lack of pictures and decorations on the walls. We solved that problem this weekend by hanging some of our wedding photos off an oar that our cousins gave to us!

image  image


Check back for more landscaping updates next week!


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