That’s (almost) A Wrap

I say almost, because we are by no means done with the projects we’d like to take on around our house. However, we had a list of things we wanted to accomplish in the winter months of this year, and we are very close to finishing!

After about five weeks, this past weekend, Justin and I were finally able to move into our new bathroom. Is it done? Not entirely, but enough for us to finally take a shower upstairs! With a few more finishing touches, we can cross it off the to-do list.

Like the bathroom, the many other rooms we have tackled renovating these last few months are also in need of a few “finishing touches.” These include painting trim, hanging curtains and decorating. All in good time we’ll hopefully be able to call these rooms “complete,” but as we’ve often been told, with homeownership, the projects never end. That being said, we are not fretting too much on these last few things, and are setting our sights elsewhere.

The last indoor project we’d like to finish in these next few weeks, is our dining room/living room combination. I began renovating this room over my February break, and have yet to touch it since! We’ve been busy with our new pup, as you can imagine, and we have been quite comfortable with our set up in the office. Over my April vacation, which is only 8 school days away (I’m not counting or anything…), I plan to give this room some TLC and get it back in running order.

Our plan is to then take a nice long break from the inside, and spend some quality time outside landscaping, painting, and doing other odd jobs! We are ecstatic to begin working outside, because really, who wants to be inside with this beautiful weather lately?

I want to recap the projects we have done our first four months of being homeowners, and say sayonara to the inside! The next “chapter” of our blog will be strictly outside work, get ready to be amazed. 😉

Some of the before pictures are ones that date back to when the previous owners lived here. They are not the best quality, however I thought they might be a cool comparison.

Master Bedroom Before

image  image

Master Bedroom After

image  image

Guest Room Before

image  image  image

Guest Room After

image  image

Little Room (“Nursery”) Before

image  image

Little Room (“Nursery”) After

image  image

Office Before

image  image

Office After

image  image

Hallway Before

image  image  image

Hallway After

image  image  image

Upstairs Bathroom Before

image  image

Upstairs Bathroom After

image  image  image

Not too shabby, eh? We’re pretty pleased with it all!

Before blogging about the up and coming “curb appeal” we’re about to add to our home, I will share updates about the last, and largest, room in our home to be renovated. Until then, keep checking back for updates and pictures!



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