Two Renovations at Once? Never Again.

To begin, I’d like to thank you all for the very generous feedback we have been receiving on our blog! So many friends and family members have commented on our blog and how closely they follow it. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and support our many renovation projects. We couldn’t be happier to share this experience with you!

With that being said, it’s been a week or two since our last post (sorry)! We have been working very hard to complete our bathroom. It is JUST about done, and by that I mean we still have a very long to-to list. Fortunately, everything works. By that I mean the toilet, sink and shower are all running and ready to use. Our to-do list consists of painting, hanging up the trim, and electric work. Last weekend Justin and his dad worked extremely hard to install the tile floor, vanity and toilet along with some mudding and taping to top off the work load.

Here are some before and almost finished pictures of our new, stunning bathroom!


My father-in-law did a great job installing our new “hardwood” tiled floor! We just love it!

image  image

Our new vanity is just as long as our old one, but not as wide. This makes for so much more space!

image  image

So close to the finish…

image  image

image  image

We’re just about there! This weekend Justin and I took a “mental health” weekend to rejuvenate ourselves a bit! Justin went skiing in VT for the weekend and I spent time with friends at Art With a Splash! It was a very needed weekend to relax and catch up on rest. This weekend we will hopefully find time to finish our bathroom and check it off the list!

There’s always something to do, so you shouldn’t be surprised that as the boys worked on the bathroom, my mother-in-law and I finished stripping wallpaper in the living and dining room, washed the walls, spackled them, sanded them, primed them, painted the ceiling AND painted the walls a gorgeous Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

If you are ever crazy enough to renovate two rooms at the same time, as we are, you may want to have two clear, separate visions of what you want. This is actually pretty hilarious… When it came time to picking the wall colors for the bathroom and the downstairs, I thought I knew which two colors I wanted. I had done a lot of research on Palladian Blue and knew I wanted an aqua-ish color. I was in love with it and thought it’d be the perfect choice, which it is! For the bathroom I wanted to paint it a greyish-green color to match the countertop. For whatever reason, when Justin and I went to choose a Valspar color on the fly from Lowe’s, we ended up choosing THE SAME COLOR as the Palladian Blue, only a different brand. I’m not kidding, take a look at the paint strips below…


We chose both colors on the left. Two cans, one Valspar one Benjamin Moore, of the same color. This will teach us! Anyway, we have decided to choose a new color for the bathroom, because it really does not match with the countertop like I thought it would. With that being said, does anyone need a can of Valspar, Distant Valley?! 🙂

Here are some “starter pictures” of what the living and dining spaces are starting to look like. I refuse to show more pictures until the final reveal! Against the dark oak this color is still gorgeous, but not quite reaching it’s full potential. I’ll post even more pictures once the wainscoting is painted antique white!

image  image  image

image  image  image

As you can see, I was very excited about this color.

A HUGE thank you to Bruce and Cindy for their hard work and determination all weekend! And until next time, enjoy the updates. 🙂


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