Double Whammy

Normally I don’t post during the week, but today is an exception. After the enormous amount of work that has been done since Sunday, we just have to share!

Aside from today, the only time I recall feeling overwhelmed during these renovations was when we first discovered we would be taking drywall down in our bedroom. That was a lot to handle, as I simply didn’t anticipate the wallpaper being so difficult to take down!

Currently, Justin and I are renovating two of our major living spaces, well three: our upstairs main bathroom and our living room and dining room, which are considered one room, as it is an open-concept space. Because these are important spaces that we use on a daily basis, our routine has changed a bit. Hence why I felt overwhelmed! It was so important that Justin and I established a “safe zone” as we call it. The rest of our house is in “construction zone,” (as I call it) so it’s important that we have a place to relax and feel comfortable! We moved all of the furniture in our living room to our office in order to make this happen. We (I) feel much better… 🙂


Now on with the updates! Our bathroom has been completely demolished since the weekend. We have finally begun putting it back together, beginning with the tub. We had someone come by the house today to refinish it. It looks great! Before it was an outdated, mauve color, now it is a fresh, clean white. This weekend Justin’s parents are coming up to continue working on the bathroom.

image  image  imageimage  image  image

We really didn’t have any issues with the demo, and we haven’t discovered any issues thus far. We have put up new drywall and will begin mudding and taping this week. Justin tore up the floor today, and this weekend we will lay tile down. In the meantime, a shiny white tub is change enough!


The living and dining spaces are not ones I have shared yet! First, see below for what it looked like… yesterday.

image  image  image

image  image  image

You can see we already had some “clutter” in the corner from renovating the hallway. Some of our furniture and things are still in their original spaces, but the majority of it has been moved. Fortunately, we didn’t have to remove wallpaper from the entire wall, but there was still a lot to do! Check out the photos below of wallpaper-less walls.

image  image

There was three layers of wallpaper to remove, which we knew before we started by the location of the seams on the walls. The only other rooms that also had three layers of wallpaper were our bedroom and the hallways. I was very nervous before starting, knowing that the wallpaper in our room and the hallways was impossible to remove. Fortunately, it came down rather easy with the steamer.

image  image  image

While I was stripping the paper, Justin was washing the walls. It hit us that this is the last room that we will need to remove wallpaper in. Although I’m afraid to jinx myself, because with our luck there will be wallpaper behind the cabinets in the kitchen, I’m excited to put the handy steamer to rest. See ya later wallpaper!

And last but not least, my wonderful husband had a great idea…


“Justin & Ashley Powers Renovated February, 2013” 🙂


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