Blizzard of 2013 Project!

February has proven to be a busy month! We haven’t been slacking entirely on house things, but have taken a break in order to enjoy family, friends and winter!

A few weeks ago now we began our upstairs and downstairs hallway renovation. Both hallways had three layers of wallpaper stuck to the walls. A layer of sizing was painted over the wallpaper, making it impossible to remove. This is the same situation we dealt with in our bedroom, so before even beginning to try and remove the wallpaper, we thought of a “Plan B.” Either we could re-drywall, put a thin layer of dry-wall over the existing walls, or sand the walls, prime them and paint right over the mess. We decided to go with the latter, as it was the most cost-effective and least amount of work. If this didn’t work well, we would simply consider one of the other two options.

We bought a sample of paint to try over the wallpaper first, and surprisingly it held very well. There wasn’t any peeling or bubbling of the wallpaper. Like I said before, it’s really stuck on there! We did this project in stages, and are still not entirely done. Although it’s taken a while, we are extremely pleased with the results thus far.


I should mention that the first layer of wallpaper tore off extremely easy. This picture was taken the day we closed on the house!


What was left was a striped, floral, blue and white printed wallpaper, and another red layer underneath. You can somewhat see it on top of the door leading to our bedroom.

image  image  image

These are all pictures of the upstairs hallway. As you can see, it was carpeted. We had been using the carpet as a drop cloth more or less, because there is wood flooring underneath!

image  image

The stairs, too, had carpeting, which we removed.

image  image  image

Another picture of our hallway going down the stairs.


We decided to paint the walls a warm beige color. Against the original oak, it looks a little dull and doesn’t make much of a difference. Against the white however, it really pops! We painted the walls two weekends ago now.

image  image  image

The above are all pictures of the downstairs hallway. The seams of the wallpaper are only noticeable if you really look for them. We spackled some areas, sanded all of the walls and primed before we painted. They came out surprisingly better than we had expected! This was a much better alternative to tearing the walls down, which could have damaged the wainscoting.

Given the extra day off on Friday due to the blizzard, this weekend we decided to tackle the wainscoting and paint it the same Antique White that we did the office. It is almost complete, but the pictures I currently have are ones with just the first layer of primer.

image  image  image

image  image  image

Below are pictures of the upstairs hallway, with the carpet removed!

image  image  image

Lastly, here are just a few pictures with just the first coat of finish paint on the wainscoting. We plan to paint the back of our front door anyway, black.

image  image  image

The hallway looks bigger, feels brighter, and has left us feeling overall very pleased. I will post more pictures soon of the completely finished space, along will the new carpet in our office, as it is being installed tomorrow!


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