Define Complete…

Another room complete! Well, according to me…

Justin and I learned today that we have very different definitions of what “complete” means. When a room is painted except for a few touch-ups here and there and the majority of the work is done, I’m ready to check it off the list. Justin does not consider a room to be complete until there are pictures on the wall. I have to say, I like his definition more than my own, as it keeps us a bit more focused. However, I can’t wait to move on to the next project!

Today Justin and I finished the majority of the painting in the office. There are two spots that need a touch-up. We have outlets and light switches to change out. Aside from that, our work here is done. The last and final (and possibly most important) piece that we are waiting for is the new carpet. It has been ordered and I should hear tomorrow when we should expect it to arrive. We can’t wait!

Each and every time we’ve “completed” a room (this is our fourth), it becomes my new favorite room and by far “the biggest transformation” yet. I have to say though, this room really does hold true to being my favorite and the biggest transformation yet (until the next one, I’m sure). I am so impressed with how it turned out and very relieved!

Without telling one another, Justin and I were both holding our breath a bit when it came to the wainscoting. Here we are scuffing up and painting over with what we hope, are good and reliable products, this gorgeous wood that we would never be able to afford if it wasn’t already here. After two coats of Valspar “Antique White,” we were grinning ear to ear with the results. It looks incredible! It feels crisp, clean and completely updated!




There were many gaps between the boards that we took care of with a bit of caulking. It was a small thing to do, but made a HUGE difference.






The last picture I’ll share with you is taken from our hallway. Justin pointed out that looking at the room from the hall, where there is half-stripped wallpaper and the dark oak wainscoting, it really shows how updated this room now looks compared to the rest of the house. And although this room isn’t quite “complete,” it makes me all the more motivated for the next project!



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