Home Sweet Home

As I sit here looking at our Christmas tree after a long weekend of moving and unpacking, I can’t help but give a sigh of relief, we’re home.

The stress of moving is over. Sort of…

Now I have to be honest and say that neither Justin nor I are the kind of people that function very well in an unorganized space. Unfortunately, four years together and I think I’ve rubbed off on Justin just a tad! This was not a happy, “we get to move to our new house!” sort of weekend. This was more of a hustle and bustle, “this better all be organized and cleaned before I start my work week,” kind of weekend.

Our brother-in-law once again came to the rescue and helped move all of our furniture over to the house, in the rain. (He also installed our new crisp, white baseboard heaters, yay!) Once all of our somewhat wet “stuff” was in and out of the rain, the unpacking began.

On Sunday Justin and I took literally 6 minutes (we timed it) to find a Christmas tree. This was more of a, “just get it done and off the list,” sort of year. I did take a trip with a friend to Home Goods and Bed, Bath & Beyond where I found some amazing pillows and a new chair for our room (see below). Justin put the tree up with lights last night and we managed to spend some quality time together watching an all time favorite, Christmas Vacation.

We are finally at a point where the house is clean and stocked with food (no more take out, wahoo!), boxes are put away and the ones that can be unpacked, are. (You might be saying, “Finally? You’ve only lived there two days!” But let me tell you, these past two weeks have seemed to last a lot longer than that!)

Below see the progress that Justin and his friend Rob made with our bedroom. Fortunately, Rob came to paint our bedroom on Friday while we were at work. If he hadn’t, we probably would be sleeping in a different room! I am extremely grateful that we are unpacked and sleeping in our room. 














As I type, Justin is upstairs installing the rest of the trim. This weekend both sets of parents will be coming to help with more “reno” projects. We have yet to decide what those will be, but it should make for another interesting post! Until next time…


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