Welcome to Homeownership

This weekend homeownership took on a totally different meaning for us!

The entire process we went through when purchasing our first home was extremely easy. We were expecting many more hurdles to jump than we actually did. The first offer Justin and I put on a house was the one that was accepted. We met every deadline that we had planned for, including our closing date. Our current landlord was super flexible to work with and allowed us a week of overlap time to move our things and get our new home ready.

That week of overlap time began on Friday, which was the day we closed. After good company (our real estate agent and lawyer happen to be good family friends) and many signatures later, Justin and I were holding the keys to our first home. Our first thought? Go straight to the house and tear down every bit of wallpaper we possibly could. We had expected to strip most of the wallpaper over the weekend and begin painting throughout the week. In fact, we bought our first can of paint on our way from the closing to our house! Little did we know, three layers of wallpaper awaited us and our hopes to have it removed soon became a much larger project than we bargained for. This, my friends, is a hurdle we had anticipated all along.


We were clearly in over our heads. The wallpaper we had torn off was no easy task, as you can see. We tried warm water and vinegar, a steamer, DIF products and used a pump. NOTHING worked. We looked up ideas online and asked many different people at the local hardware stores. Scrapping off the little wallpaper we did could not be done without making many, many digs and dents in the walls. After hours of tearing down a small space of wallpaper, it was decided to tear down the drywall and start fresh.


Feeling somewhat panicked, we called in the experts, our dads. Justin’s parents drove the four hours up from NY as my dad and a few of Justin’s friends tore the drywall down. No sooner did we discover however that the insulation underneath was filled with mold. Fortunately, Justin’s dad has a lot of experience with different renovation projects. As soon as he arrived, we set in for a very long Sunday at work. New insulation and drywall were soon in place.

image              image

My wonderful brother-in-law also came to help and took care of updating all of our electrical outlets and switches. He also installed our new ceiling fan!


Justin’s dad put the first coat of tape and mudding on the drywall while we were at work today (Monday). Hopefully this week we can add the next two coats and prep the walls to paint. I can’t wait to move into our new bedroom this upcoming weekend!


Stay tuned for the finished product! 🙂


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